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I’m seeing a lot of new faces (cutie faces at that!), so I thought I would remind you all about my books~

If you enjoy the content you see on this blog, such as Writer PositivityStory SeedsCharacters Questions, and Weird Promptsplease consider picking up one of my books as that directly enables me to create even more FREE content for you, along with paying my Editor and my Artist for all their hard work!

♥︎ You can pickup my books HERE ♥︎

Above you’re seeing a mini-ad for A SECRET NAMED SOPHIE, a Young Adult Novella by yours truly~ You can find more information below:

“To my dearest Niece…”

Sophie’s uncle is dead. The letter informed her that Philip Spencer, the man who’d been both friend and guardian, died and left her everything he had.

She doesn’t want to believe that her uncle is dead.

Hoping to find the truth, fifteen year-old Sophie leaves home and takes a train beyond the Smoke-Cities, to Jaycetown. In her heart, she hopes to find her uncle safe and the letter nothing but a cruel joke… except she’s going to find more.

She will enter a mansion she didn’t know existed, and find herself surrounded by photographs of people her uncle never talked about. Worst of all, a strange creature lurks in the darkness— but she can’t turn back.

She is the last piece of the puzzle.

“I leave to you all of my earthly possessions.”

M. Kirin presents: A Secret Named Sophie, a novella about family and the lies that transcend time.


PS: As with any of my books, if you purchase the Paperback version through Amazon, you will get the Kindle Edition for FREE~ ♥︎


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