hello! your blog is amazing and your answers have motivated me to write, so thank you. here's the thing: i've been wanting to be a writer since i was little, but when i told my parents in the first place, they said i couldn't do it as job, that i couldn't earn enough money by writing alone, unless i wrote a huge bestseller or something. writing is a hobby to them, and so, i don't feel like i can say that this is what i want to do with my life. i do, but i want them to be proud of me, you know?

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Hello, dear anon~ ♥︎

Congratulations! You have unlocked an achievement :D

I have actually answered an ask similar to yours in the past. I recommend you give it a looksie c;

Now, as an added bonus, I’m going to tell you something else. You’re probably young (and that’s good!) so take my advice because this will save you a lot of worrying in the years to come, okay?

You don’t have any control over anyone’s feelings.

  • You can’t make your parents feel proud of you.
  • You can’t make anyone like you.
  • You can’t make anyone love you.

You can make it easier for them, by sacrificing your time and energy, but you cannot MAKE THEM, you can only make it easier for them— and yet again, what have you gained? Nothing. You’re gambling. Putting trust coins into a slot machine hoping that love comes out.

Sadly, that’s not how life works. You don’t have control over the people around you. You can influence them— but you can’t make them do anything they don’t want to do.

And most importantly— you should not have your happiness be dependent on things you have no control over.

Dear Anon, write. Enjoy the act of writing. Let it be the one thing that makes you happy above the rest— and never waste a second worrying what people will think of you. Some will love you. Some will hate you. Some may… in time, be proud of you. But you have no control over it.

So, focus on what you have control over. Your writing. Your craft. Your time. Spend it wisely, and… be happy, always be happy. Life is too darn short to be worrying about people’s opinions.

I hope this helps~ ♥︎


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